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  • "Made by us in the UK since 2009"

Badges for schools

We’ve been making badges for schools since 2009. Hundreds of schools regularly use us to get badges made for their various projects.

School house badges

Our 25mm Button badges are the classic size used traditionally for house badges. They are a much cheaper alternative to enamel badges and have been used for decades by schools. Using our house badges, if a child loses one it isn’t the end of the world (as schools pay pence per badge rather than pounds). If you just want plain coloured personalised badges to represent your school’s houses (e.g. red, green, blue, yellow, orange etc) then we can produce them easily for you.

If you require something a bit more complex this is also easy for us to produce. If for example you’d like a coloured badge with a white stripe across the middle, with the different school house names on it then this isn’t a problem. If you’d like to design your own house badges then feel free to email you badge design(s) over and we’ll test it and make any recommendations as to how to improve the design if needed.

Promotional School Badges

We often make badges for schools using their crest or logo which can be given out to potential new pupils and during promotional activities. Kids love button badges! If you’d like some text adding above or below your school crest we’ll be happy to help if you get stuck.

Badges designed by your pupils

Many schools run competitions to design badges to represent their school house or for a particular project (such as recycling initiatives etc). These can be some of the more challenging designs we work with but we usually have great results. You can simply explain to the children the main points of our Design Tips, give them some paper and pens or coloured pencils and then let them get to work.

We are often amazed by children’s creativity when designing badges for schools. The key point to keep in mind when explaining how to design a badge is that the children need - if possible - to add extra background (bleed) area all around the edge of their designs to cover the sides of the badges. This is often forgotten and we can usually create this extra area for you but for best results try to make sure the children add an extra background around their designs.

Try to get the children to make their circle fill the bulk of an A4 sheet of paper if possible. Try to scan the designs at a high resolution and then email them to us to check. We can then suggest and necessary changes or amendments we might need to make to make the badge designs useable.

Reward badges for schools

We can help you create a range of reward badges for your school. You can incorporate your logo or perhaps you’d prefer to add some fun icons. Badges are a great way to reward good behaviour, attendance or achievement.

Suitability of button badges for children

Badges aren’t suitable for children under 36 months so please keep this in mind. Our bigger 38mm are a bit more suitable for younger children than our smaller 25mm badges. You know the age group of the children who’ll be receiving the badges so pick a size that is age appropriate.

We can help

However developed your school badge idea (either fully-formed or in the early stages) get in touch and we can advise on if we think it will work. We’ll be happy to personalise your design as required and can help you get the best finished badges for your school. Hundreds of schools rely on us to produce badges for their projects (and we truly love to make badges for schools). Send us an email now to discuss your requirements!